The next leg of my Nonet tour is fast approaching with tickets now on sale for our gigs at Soundcellar (Poole) and Jazz at HEART (Leeds). All other venues will be releasing tickets soon. 

I had a great time recording with Marek Dorcik’s Quintet in Cardiff, and Josh Jaswon’s Oktet in Berlin last month. I’m looking forward to hearing the results and will of course post updates up here.

Coming up this month 

19thSeptember – SEED Ensemble @ Mercury Prize * I won’t be performing for this anymore but do check the band out on TV.

22ndSeptember – London Dance Orchestra @ The Ned

25thSeptember – London City Big Band @ Spice of Life

Things I’ve been checking out

I absolutely love Eric Dolphy’s solo on Clarence’s Place off last months Freddie Hubbard album The Body and the Soul. It inspired me to check out some of Dolphy’s own work as I’ve only heard him as a sideman. Out to Lunch!is awesome. It gave me loads to think about compositionally and conceptually, plus there’s some great playing from Dolphy, Hubbard, Bobby Hutcherson, Richard Davis and the amazing Tony Williams (who had only just turned 18 when this was recorded in 1964).

Other albums I’ve really been enjoying are Ellington’s Second Sacred Concert(I think I love this even more than the first), Tristano’s Intuitionand Bodas de Latãoby Hermeto Pascoal and Aline Morena.  

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