Miguel Gorodi Nonet

The Nonet is an ensemble Miguel uses to explore various compositional techniques with specific focus on texture, non-tonal melodic structures, polyrhythms, and the relationships between them all. Influences include Steve Coleman, Steve Lehman, Louis Andriessen, Gerard Grisey, Thelonious Monk, Stravinsky, and many others. The band features many of London’s leading jazz musicians who bring their own personalities to the sound through their unique improvisations:

Gareth Lockrane: flutes

Mike Chillingworth: alto sax & clarinet

George Crowley: tenor sax & bass clarinet

Miguel Gorodi: trumpet & flugel

Kieran McLeod: trombone

Ray Hearne: tuba

Ralph Wyld: vibes

Conor Chaplin: bass

David Hamblett: drums

The band are touring their debut album ‘Apophenia‘ which is now out on Ubuntu. Read reviews by Ian Mann, Roger FarleyPatrick Hadfield and Ian Maund.

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